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The Best Gift Ever

This gift is both powerful and free.

You can give as many as you like,

whenever you desire,

not just during the holidays.


A genuine compliment can have a very potent effect. There is a good chance that the giver, as well as the receiver, can feel its mood-improving impact. This result can even extend to others in the room who hear the compliment. As I often say,

Happy Students Learn Better

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If you want your compliments to have an even better result, make sure your praise is honest and accurate. Here are some effective compliments to use with kids that always bring a smile.


  1. The color of your shirt really lights up your face.
  2. You got a haircut! I love the style of it.
  3. What an original idea! I hadn’t thought of that.
  4. You are very caring to help your classmate like you just did.
  5. I see how hard you are trying.
  6. I appreciate that you helped lead your group in such an understanding (or organized) way.
  7. Your work is always so interesting. You have a different point of view.
  8. I admire your perseverance. I know it will pay off soon for you.
  9. I appreciated your patience while I helped another student.
  10. Thanks for preventing that fight!—you are a true peacemaker.
  11. We needed your energy to complete that project.
  12. I love it when you smile (laugh). It makes me smile, too.
  13. You improved on this paper—bravo!
  14. Sometimes teachers need help, too. Thanks for opening the windows, picking up classroom trash, helping you classmate find his…

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Rainbow City Learning,  another TBOTEMC member, has a set of student compliment cards that might interest you as well:

Classroom Community Compliment Cards


My holiday gift to everyone reading this: ENJOY the smiles your compliments bring!


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