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The Place for Expert Reading Advice

Includes 2 Learn To Read Sight Word Bingo Games

Best Bingo: Sight Word Bundle Kits A + B

Effective, enjoyable, and easy to use— this bundle will make your students better readers very quickly. The set is so much better than all those Dolch words because it does not overload beginning or struggling readers with too much memorization.

Research-based, these two kits contain the only high-frequency, irregular words they need to learn by rote. Decoding in English is 95% regular, but the exceptions to regularity, like "said" and "they" often confuse beginning or struggling readers. When combined with the usual primary phonics practice for the majority of words, student fluency and comprehension improve dramatically with these sight words. Really! These two research-based Sight Word Kits (A and B) provide instruction and practice in the 100 most common, irregular English sight words that appear in primary text.

 Each Kit includes:

1. 10 Instructional Lessons applying ALL modalities: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic

(4-5 words per lesson)

2. A List of the sight words in the order presented for continual practice

3. Flash Cards in the order of presentation

4. 24 Bigo Cards of traditional format Bingo (25 spaces)

5. Additional Ideas for extra practice

These two kits are also available individually:

The BEST Sight Word Kit A

The BEST Sight Word Kit B

Phonics practice does not have to be boring!