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The Place for Expert Reading Advice

Best Bingo: Sight Word Kit B–Better Than Dolch

Effective, enjoyable and easy to use, this kit is so much better than Dolch Sight Words because these words are the only words kids have to memorize.

Do not overload or confuse beginning or struggling readers by making them learn more words by rote than necessary. Research-based, the 100 words in Sight Word Kits A and B of Learn to Read Bingo (LTR) are the only important, high frequency, irregular, sight words they need to learn by rote. The research is based on beginning reading texts in English. Decoding in English is 95% regular, but common exceptions to predicability (like "they" and "said") confuse many students. When these sight words are paired with the basic phonics instruction most students receive in the primary grades, fluency and comprehension improve dramatically.

 Each kit (50 sight words) includes

1. 10 Lesson Sheets with instruction for 5 words/lesson, using ALL MODALITIES--visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

 2. Flash Cards are included, as well as ideas for enjoyable games to play for extra practice. Copies may be made for at-home play.

3. The kit also has 24 classroom tested BINGO Cards, with a 25-item format, and instructions for easy use in large classrooms of beginning or troubled readers.

If you have not used it, start with

 Sight Word Kit A + Bingo

 Phonics practice does not have to be boring!