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Years Later...Surprise!

I cannot ever remember my busy parents reading a book to me, but when I learned to read myself in first grade, I was enraptured! I loved the magical places I visited! I loved learning about new things! I loved hearing the sound of my own voice as I read aloud! Often I read books to my younger brother and sisters.

My brother’s favorite was the classic The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper. He enjoyed adding sound effects as the engines appeared and chugged up the mountain. I was not aware that my younger sisters enjoyed this book more or less than any other.

Imagine my surprise when, as adults, my middle sister informed me that she remembered this book very well, using its theme when encountering difficulties throughout her school years, including college!  “I think I can…I think I can… I think I can..”

My point here is simply, YOU NEVER KNOW what profound effect reading books to children might have. Do it often! Even to older children! Share books you love and subjects in which you have an interest because…enthusiasm is contagious. You might never know the impact of this activity.

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