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The Place for Expert Reading Advice

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Formula For Success


The formula for success with struggling readers

that my students helped me learn over 30 years

as a reading specialist has been explained in Reading Spotlight’s previous post:


What Did Last Year’s Teacher Teach Them?


Because reading fundamentals don’t change,

and because reading is so important to success in most  endeavors,


I have distilled the most important lesson here:


  1. Many students need review of a lesson to retain it.
  2. Some students need more review.
  3. Some other students need even more review.
  4. A few students need complete reteaching and review and more review(s).


MY Formula:  Individualization + OVERLEARNING + Patience = Success.


That is all.


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For an interesting read that supports my hard-earned conclusions, see the book by two MIT researchers,

Sanjay Sarma and Luke Yoquino.  Grasp: The Science Transforming How We Learn.


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