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10 Questions to Ask at Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences

about Struggling Readers

are a bit more complicated

than normal conferences.

Both sides have valuable information

to share with each other,

and they both need

to have extra preparation.


Here are


10 Questions for Parents of Struggling Readers to Ask at Teacher Conferences that can help.


  1. What are my child’s standardized reading test scores?  Please explain them to me.
  2. What is my child expected to master? Is that appropriate for his or her abilities?
  3. How will (s)he be evaluated?
  4. Do you have a format for your grading system? Please explain it to me.
  5. How often do you test, quiz, and give homework?
  6. Are accommodations made if my child is not succeeding in relation to his or her abilities? (Tutoring? Assignments? Test modifications?)
  7. Do you think (s)he putting forth maximum effort? If not, why do you think this is so?
  8. How can I support him or her in the learning process?
  9. Is my child cooperative with you and with classmates?
  10. Can we devise a plan now that we are both able to keep?

These questions help teachers recognize parental concern. If  a teacher cannot answer these questions, parents should reschedule another time to get the answers. This list is also helpful to great teachers who should know and be able to easily provide the answers to these particular questions.


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