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The Place for Expert Reading Advice

Word Search Puzzles: Sounds of C, G, Y, & Silent Consonants

Effective, enjoyable, and easy to use, this set of Consonant Word Searches helps students practice the sounds of c, g, y, and silent consonants within words in a unique way. They are great for homework, seatwork, extra credit, and learning centers.

This Bargain Bundle of 12 Word Search Puzzles provides practice in more than 100 different words for EACH group. Total = practice with 400 common words in English. The extra practice this set provides helps to imprint the words for more automatic recognition later.

The set includes Answer Keys for each puzzle.

Phonics practice can be fun!


Word Search Sets are also available for vowels,

plus all puzzle sets are available individually in the

Word Analysis Custom Category of the

Reading Spotlight TpT Store.