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Vowel Tutor: Irregular Vowel Teams In Context: Sentence Completion Level 3

Effective and easy to use, these worksheets provide extra practice for difficult vowel teams within the context of a sentence. They provide great independent practice for readers who are struggling with irregular vowel teams. 

Unlike many phonics worksheets, these contain simple and clear word choice, thus enabling independent completion by struggling readers. They are perfect practice materials for homework, seatwork, or in learning centers.The repeated format of consistent clusters encourages the natural remembering of these irregular vowel teams. Students come to recognize the reliable patterns automatically with few rules. That is the power of repeated practice with these fundamental English clusters. Use of the context of the sentence also adds another dimension to decoding skills. This set includes: 10 worksheets consisting of approximately 25 words for each cluster + 10 or more sentences with blanks for each page

They provide extra practice for to Reading Spotlight's Vowel Tutor Level 3  Instruction Worksheets. Contents:

11. ar + or
12. er + ir + ur
13. Review
14. oy + oi
15. oo + oo
16. ou
17. ow + ow
18. ew
19. aw + au
20. Review

Answer Keys are provided for easy correction. 

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