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The Place for Expert Reading Advice

Listening Skills: 4 Audience Participation Plays

Effective, enjoyable, and easy to use, these plays improve listening skills. No memorization is required. They contain very short, group parts for an entire class. After roles are assigned, the teacher reads the story, and the student groups provide the appropriate words when they hear their cues.

Contents of the set:

     The First Day of School

     A Backwards Fairy Tale

     The State Fair

     The Big Game

Useful at any time, they are especially helpful at the beginning of the school year to focus attention on listening to the teacher and to other students in class.The plays are so much fun that they are also beneficial when students seem bored or unmotivated.

Instructions about other worthwhile listening activities are also included.

The first play in the series--

The First Day of School   is FREE in the

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Enjoy the smiles!