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The Place for Expert Reading Advice

A Reading Tutor Bingo Game

Better Bingo: Reading Silent e Words (RT)

Effective, enjoyable, and easy to use, Reading Silent e Bingo (RT) improves reading and spelling. The game is so much better than a boring phonics worksheet. Its simple, repetitive, and fun format uses the latest brain research which indicates that humans remember in patterns.

This Reading Silent e Bingo (RT) focuses, not only on the recognition of cluster patterns, but also on the oral production of the words. It makes the automatic recognition in reading text easier for beginning or struggling students, especially those who have not been successful with phonics.

Designed for small groups (8 cards), the game has been used easily in larger groups of 24 by making 3 copes of each card. Just prepare for more bingos and more happy faces. An alphabetical Call List makes checking easy, and clear instructions and classroom-tested cardsprovide ease of use for busy teachers and parents. Send copies home for fun homework and effective practice.

Based on fundamental phonics rules, these games develop decoding proficiency automatically, without much dependence on learning phonics rules. 

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Phonics practice does not have to be boring.