The Place for Expert Reading Advice

The Place for Expert Reading Advice

Independent Reading Packet

FREEEffective, enjoyable, and easy to use, this free packet helps teachers and parents encourage independent reading.

Self-determined reading hooks kids on reading because they can choose their own books according to their own interests. This free packet helps to make the process simple. It makes record-keeping for independently-read books easy for busy parents & teachers. It also includes questions to motivate even more reading and also, links to book lists. Besides reading what appeals to them, students can practice previously taught reading skills and improve in many ways.

The books, however, should be fairly close their reading levels. Use Reading Spotlight’s QRLE to assess approximate reading level. Find out how to do it here:

Choosing Books For Pleasure

Reading success is cumulative, as is reading decline. Students who read independently become better and more motivated. Students who read independently accrue superior vocabularies, higher reading scores, better writing skills, and improved reading rate.

This packet includes:

  1. Parent Letter
  2. Questions from educational research that improve reading motivation
  3. A simple Record Sheet
  4. Ideas for incentives and rewards that are free or inexpensive

Perfect for at-school, summer, or distance learning.