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The Place for Expert Reading Advice

Grammar Review: Stories About Holiday Traditions

Effective, enjoyable, and easy to use, this set of grammar stories about the history of holiday traditions is helpful and motivating. Each one-page story includes sentences with only one grammatical error in each sentence. Students enjoy trying to find it.

The stories contain interesting historical and cultural information about some Christmas traditions. An effort has been made to have the grammar practice be as secular as possible. Contents include the holiday tree, holiday star, colored lights and ornaments, greeting cards, holiday foods, holiday plants, and Santa Claus.

No teacher preparation is necessary because all Answer Keys include explanations for all corrections. The stories address the most common grammatical mistakes (subject--verb agreement, apostrophe, capitalization, punctuation, homophones, irregular verbs, irregular plurals, and spelling) while relating the history of a popular holiday tradition.  All stories have an Answer Key, + an explanation for each correction. A Writing Prompt and a Corrected Version in paragraph form have also been added.

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