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Tall Tales Grammar Review: Set A

Effective, enjoyable, and easy to use, this set of Tall Tales  improves grammar with a bit of Americana, rather than with boring, unrelated sentences. These tales focus on the most common errors in homophones, subject-verb agreement, apostrophe, capitalization, punctuation, irregular verbs, and irregular plurals.

Tall Tales Grammar Stories can be used as homework, seat work, extra credit, in learning centers, or as practice for state writing tests. Simple to use and to grade, if desired, the tales fit on one, two-sided piece of paper. Each sentence contains only one grammatical error. Students enjoy trying to find it, individually or in teams. Each story includes an Answer Key PLUS an explanation for each correction. A short Writing Prompt is added for extra credit, and each tale includes a Corrected Version in paragraph form.

Set A includes:

1. Annie Oakley--Sharpshooter

2.. Big Mose--N.Y. Fireman

3. Hiawatha--Native American Hero

4. Joe Magarac--Steelworker

5. Stormalong--Sailor

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Tall Tales Grammar Stories are available individually, or as a

Tall Tales Grammar Bundle

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