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Reading Spotlight Blog - April is National Poetry Month

Painting Poetry--Children’s Voices

We hope that you take a break from your busy day, and enjoy our art in the iMovie slideshow at the end of this post.


Here’s how we did it:

We read a story in our second grade reader called Painting Poetry by Tomie dePaola.

In it, he told us he loved painting pictures for his book of poems because he could use different colors, ideas, and feelings for each new page.

We live in a city area that is mostly dull and gray, but we are lively and colorful.

We never held paintbrushes before. Our teacher bought us each a set of watercolors at a dollar store.

Then she copied about 30 poems from children’s poem books in our school library.

We read them on our free time and decided which one we would like to paint as a picture.

Our teacher met with us one at a time to talk about what we were going to paint.

When Painting Day arrived, we were very, very excited!

After putting newspaper on our desks, the teacher gave us each a piece of paper and two little cups—one for clean water and one for dirty water.

She also had two buckets. One had clean water in it, and the other was for dirty water.

Two rolls of paper towels were there if we needed them. We did!

It was really fun to imagine what the poet was thinking and feeling as we added each color.

After our paintings were dry, we read the poems and shared our art with the class.

Later, the teacher covered each picture, punched holes in the edges of the paintings for metal rings, and made them into a book that we could read on our free time.

Our teacher took pictures of our art, added music, and made it into an iMovie.

We hope that you enjoy our paintings as much as we enjoyed making them! See our slide

show below:

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