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A Special Thank-You to All School Helpers

This post is a  Special Thank You to All School Helpers—but, especially to


  • the efficient cleaning lady who cleaned my classroom diligently, including the water rings under the plants and the tissues inside the desks,


  • the awesome school bus drivers who kept the buses on the road on slippery ice and in pounding rain, while keeping sets of 60 restless students orderly and happy,


  • the friendly lunch ladies who prepared and served nourishing lunches (even the one from my childhood who knew intuitively when I wanted an extra half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) and those who gave a lunch to hungry students who couldn’t pay,


  • The exceptional secretary who kept track of absences, orders, mail, telephone calls, reports, tearful students, angry parents, ornery principals, and who even found time to type our School Newspaper at home.


  • The wonderful parent classroom helpers, especially Liz, who came unpaid to my classroom several times each week to read with students who needed extra special care and attentive interest from an adult. Because she was so exceptional with my kids, I encouraged her to get a degree in education. Already a parent of two children, she attended community college, and received her teaching degree with special recognition of highest achievement. She made me so proud that I had encouraged her to become a teacher. For guidance on reading books with children, see my FREE Tip:
The Best Way To Read A Story With Your Child


  • I was lucky to have had two Title I reading aides for several years, Betty at the middle school, and Margie during several years at the elementary level. Both were extra special helpers, doing whatever was necessary to help me with my 70 remedial reading students, AND they were so wonderful with struggling readers.


  • Margie, who died recently, deserves an extra special tribute. She became my friend, too. Not only was she great with kids, she had an intuitive sense of what I might need, even before I knew I needed it. My fellow reading specialists were jealous of the parent attendance at our meetings, and it was because Margie baked delicious breakfast casseroles for every meeting.


Margie also typed every one of the sheets for my


Vowel Tutor Packets


on a primary typewriter upon which I used my entire budget one year.

My, how things have changed!

Now it is so easy to change font size on a computer—I think I will, as I say


Thank you to all school helpers!  We are so grateful for you.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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