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A Scary Thot

so SRY to tel u teechrs–but yr future is bleek b/c the deths of reedng spelng and gramr R comng fastr then u think. I hav a sinistr suspishun that yr futur is grm indeed espechaly if U R a lnguwage Rts teechr.


how do i no this. thnk about it. meny kids 2day ONLY reed a book (sumtimes) if a teechr asines 1 in clas.  4 a test, thay just regurjit8 a teechrs study gide. no thinkng reqired. inf4mashun litrcy is givn  🧸ly any instrukshun. no sustaned reedng—a hole book—o no! that tAks 2 mch ⏱. shrt qwik & Ezy iz so much betr.


studnts r bizy reedng shrt texts & instagram & tiktok all day, folowng impt influNcrs. the beet of 2022 is spent ♥ng frends & bulyng enemys—also copyng lafng & dancng—liTl analizng studeeng or chalNjng concpts.  crazzzzy triks wher ppl hrt thmslfs is vry popUlr.


BTW no need 4 commas or ?s eether. capitl lettrs R useles 4 comunakashun—no need 2 psh a shift kee.  apostrofee-whats that. Its ok if spel√ duz it. othrwiz who cares. awkward english spelng is 2 dificult to lern & akshualy unnesasary to cumunikate with frends in a sentns or 2. so meny emojys can b used 4 sochil relashuns. 😢🤣🙏👩‍❤️‍👨🐶🌞🍀☂️🌮🍦🍸😁


leengwists have ben sayng 4 yrs that the masses deside gramr & spelng evnchualy.

so go 4 it! its Ezer then u think! i no u undrstnd—c how EzE it was 2 reed this—

2 mE thats a vry scary thot!


trik or trEt. hapE halowEn!!!


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