The Place for Expert Reading Advice

The Place for Expert Reading Advice

Sight Word Kit A

Throw away ALL other Sight Word sets!

These (Sight Word Kits A & B) are the 100 most important,

 high frequency, irregular sight words

that beginning or struggling readers need to know.

Do not overburden them by making them

learn more words by rote than necessary.

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised when

decoding, fluency, and comprehension improve quickly

once these words are mastered.

Each Kit covers 50 words and includes 10 lesson sheets (5/page),

with practice using ALL modalities, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Each kit also includes a set of FLASH CARDS

and a BINGO game with 24 classroom-tested cards

in a traditional 25 space Bingo format (for lots of practice.)

The instructions are simple and clear for easy use in large or small groups.

Be sure to check out Sight Word Kit B and all

Learn to Read Bingo Games

in the Reading Spotlight Store.