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One Million = One Thousand

1,000,000,000  =  1,000 ???????

Read on

to find out exactly how

one million can possibly equal

one thousand…

1,000,000,000  =  1,000 ???????


The benefits are enormous and proven–

We all lead busy lives, including students,

but this is not asking too much–


Many research projects reach the same conclusions–


  • Children of all ages and income levels who read at least six books over the summer consistently gain higher reading levels than those who do not.
  • The significant effect of summer reading is cumulative, one year improving and building on the next, over and above school year gains.
  • The opposite effect, summer losses year by year, also add up!
  • This is especially clear for lower income groups, where summer achievement loss is often greater.
  • Summer users of the public library indicate higher gains in reading comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Children read more when they see other people reading.
  • Those who read more, write better.
  • Reading as a leisure activity is the best predictor of good reading comprehension, vocabulary, and speed.
  • One million words read = one thousand words added to one’s vocabulary.


Teachers and parents should work to foster summer reading.

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