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One Gift

You may never have seen it after the holidays–

the confusion, the silence, the dejection, and the outright lying.

I have seen it, and it has left an indelible impression.

I am talking about the first day back from Christmas vacation in a kindergarten, first grade, or second grade classroom in a school with a high level of poverty.


I had always allowed 5 minutes at the beginning of every class for my students to talk. They seemed to need someone to listen, even if only for five minutes.

After the holidays, this became a problem for me. I did not allow toys to be brought into my classroom. All of my students, including those from the housing projects, did receive gifts. The problem was Santa.

Santa, the cheery, chubby, bearded, benevolent, old man—

you know—the one who brings gifts to good children. He even makes a list!

But Santa is not fair, especially to well-behaved children who live in poverty.

Why does he bring so many great gifts to not-so-good children, and so few to good, poor children????

I could read their faces easily.

With some, the lying began—tales of ultra-expensive sneakers and electronic games left under the tree from Santa.

Those who chose not to lie were silent and downcast.

Nearly all of their Dollar Store toys were now mostly broken, often by younger siblings.

I was disheartened.

I am still disheartened.

So I am asking my readers for help. Please help spread this idea far and wide—


Santa brings only ONE GIFT to each child,


the remaining gifts come from family or charitable organizations.


It’s a good idea.  It would make the holidays a little merrier for everyone.

It costs no money.

Actually, it might be at least as helpful as those holiday toy drives

because it would continue hope and innocence in these poor, young children.

Please help to spread this idea far and wide:


Only ONE gift from Santa, the rest from family or charitable organizations. 




If you donate gifts to needy children this holiday season,

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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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