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Improving Class Cooperation

Wishing and hoping, and thinking and praying,

for a courteous and amenable class?

Then give students a little nudge toward cooperation and affirmation of each other this month.

We often think that behaviors follow attitudes, but the reverse can also be true. When students are encouraged to find small qualities in their classmates, confidence and mutual support increase. Tiny prods toward good relationships have the potential to lead to big changes.*  Watch the spillover effect as classmates highlight the positive in others. Self-esteem soars, and class cooperation improves. Besides, the looks on their faces when they open Valentines unique to them are really worth the time– so much better than those common, perfunctory, preprinted Valentines!


The  Little Love Letters set is available in the Reading Spotlight Store.  A focus on the lesson about adjectives (included) is practical for students who might be somewhat reluctant, and the adjective matching exercise also is useful as a writing prompt for the notes.


You might also be interested in Reading Spotlight’s easy to make and FREE Invisible Valentine card. Both activities are different, interesting, and worthwhile Valentine activities, needing only paper, pencils and scissors.


Enjoy the smiles!


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*Cuddy, Amy. “ Self- Nudging: How Using Tiny Tweaks Can Lead to Big Changes, ” Presence. Hatchette Book Group, Inc. 2015.

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