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Reading Spotlight Blog - Halloween Fun

Boo! Meow! Eek! Wooo! Ha-Ha-Haaaa!

Reading poetry helps students improve fluency because the natural rhythm of most poems enhances ease of expression. Adding sound effects to group or individual Halloween readings incorporates pleasure into reading aloud, often a difficult task for beginning and struggling readers. Then throw in even more levity by…

recording and listening to the results! This is especially beneficial with insecure readers, who will read a line or a verse, and then read it again more smoothly for practice. Next, the reading is recorded with sound effects, added by classmates. Students are very motivated to improve oral reading, and they easily notice their improvement. Adding particular Halloween sounds to each line just adds to the fun, and it improves group and individual listening skills, too.  Students concentrate more intently, adding their assigned effect, smiling and laughing! What could be better? There are many, many Halloween poems that teachers or parents can copy with fair use educational standards. Wonderful picture books of complete songs are also available. Check the school or local library. I have recorded large group, small group, and individual readings of just a line, a verse, or an entire poem or song with sound effects. This is a great fluency activity! Always effective! Always fun!

Here’s the format:

  1. Choose the poem(s). Make individual copies for particular students to read.
  2. Assign parts and sound effects from classmates. (Boo! Meow! Whistling Wind! etc.—Ask for sample sounds, but don’t allow anyone to dominate sound effects.)
  3. Read through once for practice, twice if necessary. Reading the poems first (in pairs or groups) lessens the hesitancy of some students.
  4. Record the reading with sound effects.
  5. Listen (& enjoy the laughter).
  6. Re-record, or re-listen, if desired.
  7. Laugh again!

Be sure to check out my Free Project Plan for another enjoyable Halloween activity…Halloween Candy Wrapper Stories.



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