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A Cheer for Spelling

The season of crisp, autumn leaves, local football games, ardent cheerleaders, and community bonfires is upon us—so here’s a spelling cheer to add a bit of enthusiastic spirit to your spelling lessons.



1. Write the spelling word clearly on the chalkboard, usually in lower case.

2. “We’re going to cheer for (Spelling Word).”

3. “Give me a (first letter).” Point to the first letter. ” The whole class says the first letter.

4. “Give me a (second letter).” Point to the second letter. The whole class says the second letter.

5. “Give me a (third letter).” Point to the third letter. The whole class says the third letter.

6. Continue this format until the whole word is spelled.

7. “What’s it spell?” The whole class says the word just spelled.

8. “Spell it again.” The whole class respods: (letter, letter, letter…etc, consecutively)

9 .”What’s it spell?” The whole class says the spelling word.

Add pompoms for extra fun! Erase the spelling word before the next word.

The teacher should model the first and/or second time. 

After that, alternate students to lead. Ask for volunteers at first.  Ask the shy students last, after they have time to catch on to the format.

Spelling research says it’s also helpful to point out patterns and/or problem parts of words, which you might do after writing the word on the board, before the cheer.

Do about 5-7 words/ day. The extra spelling work will really help some students who need extra practice.

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