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Great Gifts For Children


Give worthwhile gifts this holiday season!


As she sat crying across from me at our parent-teacher conference, a single mom was relating how she was unable to buy her child his most desired gift —

a pair of very expensive tennis shoes. I tried to comfort her with these thoughts:

Many of us would like to give our children the latest video game, cell phone, laptop, or trendy clothes.  Don’t be disappointed if you are unable to do this. There are other more valuable gifts to give that will impact their lives forever.

Remember your own life. Think about a lasting gift given to you by a family member or a friend — an interest in cooking, perhaps, or an appreciation of the outdoors, a sport, the art of truly listening, a love of reading or music. Children are not mature enough to appreciate these types of gifts now, but they are very important. As they grow older, they will realize the value of these meaningful gifts. Actions do speak louder than words, and children internalize your values.

Here are some worthwhile gifts that will affect their lives forever, and they don’t cost a penny!

  1. Your time
  2. Your undivided attention
  3. Self-esteem, based on honest, successful experiences
  4. Physical, mental, and emotional security
  5. Unconditional acceptance (no comparison to siblings or peers)
  6. Age-appropriate independence
  7. Interpersonal skills with friends, relatives, adults
  8. Family heritage
  9. Cultural heritage
  10. A hopeful and optimistic attitude

Wrap up a basket for a picnic lunch or a voucher for a night in the yard, just for the two of you. Give a field guide with a promise for a hike in the woods, or carefully bundle a lure for a fishing trip. Provide an empty album with a date when you two will fill it with family photos taken by your child, or give a bookstore gift card with a promise to read together whatever book is chosen.  Use your imagination, plus your knowledge of your child, to devise a special gift of little or no cost with one these ten values in mind. Bundle this precious present in a festive way.

These types of gifts promote happy memories and richer relationships throughout the years. They are the most valuable gifts parents can give.

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