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The Place for Expert Reading Advice



All products include Clear Instructions and easy to use Answer Keys.

The latest brain research indicates that humans remember in patterns, and the latest research into reading fluency indicates that 47% of non-proficient elementary students lack ease in decoding of words. This affects both ease of reading and comprehension. Our games and puzzles provide targeted, extensive, and fun-filled extra practice in the most common letters, sounds, and phonograms (word families) in English.

Proficiency develops from repeated, correct practice, rather than from teaching phonics rules—that is the beauty of these exercises and games!

They are divided into specific skill Sets that parents, elementary teachers, tutors, teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL), reading specialists, and learning support teachers can use when learners need more practice than that usually provided in textbooks and workbooks. Many students need extra work in particular skills due to absence, learning style, acquisition rate, or concentration ability.

The format is simple, repetitive, and easily adapted to large or small groups. In this age of electronic game-savvy kids, never underestimate the value of simple human interaction in game format. As practice, these activities are so much better than an extra workbook page! Send home extra copies for practice at home.


LEARN TO READ BINGO GAMES    ($5.00 each Game)        Levels K-3

These games focus on the auditory recognition and visual matching of sounds, letters, and word families.

The set includes 24 different, classroom-tested cards in each set (using the traditional 25 space Bingo format).

They also contain clear instructions for easy use in large or small groups.

Learn to Read Bingo: Beginning & Ending Consonants (2 games in 1) (Game 1)

Learn to Read Bingo: Consonant Blends (Game 2)

Learn to Read Bingo: Short Vowel Families (Game 4)

Learn to Read Bingo: Long Vowel Families (Game 5)

Learn to Read Bingo: Beginning & Ending Consonant Digraphs (2 games in 1) (Game 6)


READING TUTOR BINGO GAMES     ($3.00 each Game)   Levels 1-4

These sets focus on identifying and actual reading of words containing the

targeted skill clusters.

They contain 8 different, classroom-tested cards in each set (using the traditional 25 space Bingo format).

They also include clear instructions for easy use in large or small groups.

Reading Tutor Bingo: Reading Silent E Words  (Game 10)

Reading Tutor Bingo: Reading Long Vowel Words  (Game 11)

Reading Tutor BIngo: Reading Difficult Clusters A  (Game 13)

Reading Tutor Bingo: Reading Difficult Clusters B  (Game 14)



SIGHT WORD KITS A and B   ($5.00 each Set)        Levels K-3

Throw away all other sight word sets! Research-based and EFFECTIVE!

 These are the 100 most important, high frequency, irregular sight words beginning or struggling readers need to know.

Decoding in English is 95% regular, but exceptions to regularity (like said and they) often cause confusion.

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised when decoding, fluency and comprehension improve quickly.

Each Kit covers 50 words and includes 10 lesson sheets (5/page), with

practice using ALL modalities, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.               

Each kit also includes a set of FLASH CARDS and a 24 card BINGO game (using the traditional 25 space Bingo format), along with clear instructions for use in small or large groups.

Sight Word Kit A $5.00 (First 50 sight words)

Sight Word Kit B $5.00 (Second 50 sight words)


SELF-HELP TESTS     (ALL FREE)    Levels 1-8

Test takers are asked to honestly evaluate themselves in comparison to a series of statements that exemplify the best qualities necessary in reading, studying, or parenting.

Clear statements and a simple format make the tests easy for self-evaluation.

Student Self-Help Reading Habits Test (Grades 1-2)

Student Self-Help Reading Habits Test (Grades 3-12)

Student Self-Help Study Habits Test (Grades 3-12)

Parent Self-help Test



Research indicates that errors in homophones (or homonyms) are (by far!!!) the most common spelling errors.

This set of seven crossword puzzles provides practice in 100 of the most common homophones in English.

Easy to use Answer Keys are included.

Great for homework, seatwork or Learning Centers!

Important practice for all state Writing Tests!

Homophone Crossword Puzzle Number 1 Free

Homophone Crossword Puzzle Set of 7 ($5.00 Set)



EASY! MOTIVATING! EFFECTIVE! FUN!—A really great way of improving writing scores!

Each 20-30 sentence story provides practice in the most common grammatical errors in

Capitalization              Apostrophe     Punctuation    Comparative Adjectives & Adverbs     Homophones   Subject/Predicate Agreement            Irregular Verbs           Run-on Sentences & Sentence Fragments      Irregular Plurals        Changing “y” to “i” before ending

Each story includes an ANSWER KEY PLUS explanations for each correction.

An Extra Credit WRITING PROMPT is added at the end of each story.

Students enjoy trying to find the one error in each sentence.

Simple to use and to grade.


GRAMMAR TALL TALES       Levels 3-8

Free Sample: Johnny Appleseed

SET 1  $5.00

1.  Annie Oakley—Sharpshooter

2. Big Mose—N.Y. Fireman

3. Hiawatha—Native American Hero

4. Joe Magarac—Steelworker

5.  Stormalong—Amazing Sailor


SET  2.

1.  Casey Jones—Railroad Engineer

2.  Febold Feboldson—Weatherman

3.  John Henry—Tunnel Digger

4.  Paul Bunyan—Lumberjack

5.  Sally Cato—Giant Schemer


SET 3  $5.00 Set

1.Kit Carson—Mountain Man

2. Davy Crockett—Frontiersman

3.  Paleface Lightning—Spirit Warrior

4. Pecos Bill—Human Coyote

5.  Slue Foot Sue—Lively Cowgirl


SET 4   $5.00 Set

1. Annie Christmas—Keelboat Captain

2. Buffalo Bill—Wild West Scout

3. Maui—Sun Fighter

4. Sally Fink—Keelboat Savior

5. Sedna—Mother of the Sea


GRAMMAR SPORTS STORIES           Levels 3-12

SUMMER OLYMPIANS 2012           $4.00 Set

1.  Allison Schmitt—Olympic Freestyle Champion

2.  Gabby Douglas—Olympic Gymnastics Champion

3.  Michael Phelps—All-Time Olympics Champion

4. Usain Bolt—Fastest Man in the World



  1. The History
  2. The Ice Sports
  3. The Snow Sports
  4. The Miracle on Ice



  1. The History
  2. The Athletic Sports
  3. The Aquatic Sports
  4. At the Gym
  5. The Other Sports



CHARLOTTE’S WEB BUNDLE   $4.00 Set   Levels 2-5

Unique! Effective! Fun!

This set includes:

  1. Introduction to Outlining $1.00
  2. 33 Item Final Exam—More than a simple test, it teaches students how to choose the best answer in a multiple choice test $2.00
  3. Sequencing Cards—Sequence Events in a new way for students who struggle with this sometimes difficult skill $1.00
  4. Crossword Puzzle $1.00
  5. Instructions for making a Story Quilt

All items in this bundle are valuable individually at the Reading Spotlight store at


WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE: Sequencing Activity   Free    Levels K-2

The sequencing of events from the story, an important skill to introduce early, is developed in this activity. The letter “w” is also reinforced.




Using wrappers from Halloween candy, groups of students can develop interesting stories. Instructions included for easy use by busy teachers. Fun to do and impressive visually!



This Valentine card uses the imprint of colors on the retina to make a heart appear on a blank page. Fun for all ages! Includes clear directions for busy teachers to use easily, and a template for younger students.