The Place for Expert Reading Advice

The Place for Expert Reading Advice

Syllables: A Better Way

Make it simple for students to decode 2, 3, and 4 syllable words.

Beginning and struggling readers often want

to make 3-syllable words into 2-syllable words

and 4-syllable words into 2 or 3-syllable words.

Our intent is to help students recognize

common clusters in longer words,

pronouncing most syllables

as previously learned clusters.

Beginning or struggling readers should NOT

have to learn complicated rules for syllabication.

We use familiar common English clusters

to encourage “syllabication.”

After completing Vowel Tutor 3, and EVPS 3 (if desired)

students are now familiar

with most common clusters in English.

Some students who have previously been exposed

to a “word family approach” to decoding

should be able to jump right into this style (EVPS 4)

of “no rules” syllabication + sentence completion.