The Place for Expert Reading Advice

The Place for Expert Reading Advice

How To Eat Fried Worms: Short Answer Questions

Thinking about summer?

Try this laugh-out-loud read-aloud book!

Soooooo much better than the movie!

This oldie-but-goodie novel is great in the depths of winter,

or right before or after summer vacation—

anytime, really, that you are ready for chuckle-filled reading.

The 41 very short chapters have been divided into eleven sections

that stop at appropriate times in the novel.

Each reading should take about 15 minutes of read-aloud fun.

All segments have a one-page, short answer set of questions

that involve basic understanding of the text,

as well as higher level questioning strategies.

The short essays easily relate to younger lives

and foster composition comfortably.

This set also includes a Final Essay Exam.