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The Place for Expert Reading Advice

Women’s History Bio-Texts

Fun! Effective! Timely! Modern! Easy to Use!


Students enjoy filling in the missing vowels

to complete the stories about 8 famous women from history.

Improve comprehension and spelling at the same time.

These eight short biographies of high-achieving women

resemble cell phone texts.

The students are provided the complete wording with blanks

for most of the vowels that they then must supply.

This variation of the cloze technique,

accepted by reading authorities as an effective strategy,

requires students to recognize sentence structure and meaning

as a way of improving comprehension.

Spelling practice with vowels is an added feature,

and students enjoy the challenge of finding the correct vowels to complete the words.


Set 1
A. Fabiola Gianotti--Physicist
B. Maya Lin--Architect
C. Georgia O'Keefe--Artist
D. Sally Ride--Astronaut


Set 2
A. Susan B. Anthony--Suffragette
B. Elizabeth Blackwell--First US Female Doctor
C. Sacajawea--Wilderness Guide
D. Harriet Tubman--Daring Abolitionist

For Grades 3-8

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