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Tall Tales Grammar Story: The Real Revenant– Hugh Glass

New! Timely! Effective! Fun!

Students will love grammar practice!

This newest Grammar Tall Tale develops the story of Hugh Glass, the subject of several recent books and the main character of the movie, The Revenant.

This tale covers the most common student grammatical errors in capitalization, punctuation, homophones, irregular verbs and plurals, apostrophe, comparative adjectives and adverbs, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and changing y to i.

Simple to use and grade, if desired, the story has 40 sentences which contain only one grammatical error.  Students enjoy trying to find it, individually or in teams.

An ANSWER KEY PLUS an explanation for each correction is included, and a short Writing Prompt is added for extra credit. The set also has a corrected version in paragraph form.

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