The Place for Expert Reading Advice

The Place for Expert Reading Advice

Charlotte’s Web Bundle

Reading Strategies (Before & After) for Charlotte's Web

          Unique!  Effective!  Fun!

Rated BEST children's book of the 20th century!

This bargain set includes:

An Introduction to Outlining

Activates prior knowledge,

and provides a beginner's guide to making an outline.

A Final Exam

Teaches students how to choose the best answer

in a multiple choice test,

a skill not often explained or practiced!

coded Answer Key is included.

Sequencing Cards

Develop various ways to practice the sometimes difficult skill

of conceptualizing the sequence of events from the novel.

Clear instructions for making a story quilt.

Crossword Puzzle

Reviews novel details and word meanings

All items are available individually in the Reading Spotlight TpT Store.