ALL products include:
                                    Clear Instructions
                                    Easy-to-Use Answer Keys      


Be sure to check out more complete information about specific products in the PRODUCTS section of our MENU.

The latest brain research indicates that humans remember in patterns, and the latest research into fluency indicates that 47% of non-proficient students have trouble decoding words. This affects fluent reading and  comprehension.

Our games and puzzles provide targeted, extensive, and enjoyable extra practice in the most common letters, sounds, phonograms (word families), homonyms, and English grammar.

Reading and writing proficiency develops from repeated, correct practice, rather than from teaching phonics or grammar rules. That is the beauty of these activities!

Many students need more practice in certain skills, due to absence, learning style, acquisition rate, or ability to concentrate.

The simple, repetitive formats are easily adapted to large or small groups. In this age of electronic game-savvy kids, never underestimate the value of simple human interaction in game format.

As practice, they are so much better than extra workbook page!



                            Levels K-3


Learn to Read Bingo (LTR)

These Bingo Games focus on the auditory recognition and visual matching of sounds, letters, and the most common word families in primary English texts.

Each set includes 24 different, classroom-tested cards, and they use a traditional 25 space format to provide lots of practice.

They also contain clear instructions for easy use in large or small groups.

Learn to Read Bingo: Beginning & Ending Consonant Sounds (2 games in 1)

Learn to Read Bingo: Consonant Blends

Learn to Read Bingo: Short Vowel Families

Learn to Read Bingo: Long Vowel Families

Learn to Read Bingo: Beginning & Ending Consonant Digraphs ( 2 games in 1)

Learn to Read: Consonants, Blends, Digraphs, Bargain Bundle


Sight Word Kit A + Bingo
Sight Word Kit B + Bingo   

Throw away all other Sight Word sets!

Don’t overload beginning or struggling readers with too much rote memorization!

These kits are effective, research-based, and enjoyable.

They include the 100 most common, high-frequency, irregular sight words that beginning or struggling readers need to know.

Decoding in English is 95% regular, but exceptions to regularity (like they and would) often cause confusion.

Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised when decoding, fluency, and comprehension improve quickly.

Each Kit covers 50 sight words and included 10 lesson sheets (5 sight words/page) with practice, using ALL modalities, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Each Kit also contains FLASH CARDS, and a 24 card BINGO Gameusing the traditional 25 space Bingo format for lots of extra practice.

Clear instructions for easy use in large or small groups are included.


Listening Skills: Four Audience Participation Plays

Effective and Fun!

A great way to focus class attention on listening to the teacher and to other students.

These four plays contain short, group parts for an entire class. After parts are assigned, the teacher reads the story, and the student groups provide the appropriate words for their roles.

The First Day of School    FREE  is a FREE product preview.

The set also includes instructions for several other listening activities.

Useful at any time, it is especially helpful at the beginning of the school year to focus student attention on listening to the teacher and to each other.

It is also useful when students seem bored and need some motivation to continue working in class.

Really Fun!!!

Enjoy the smiles!


Self-Help Tests     All  FREE! FREE

Test-takers are asked to honestly evaluate themselves in comparison to a series of statements that exemplify the best qualities in reading, studying, or parenting.

Clear statements and a simple format make the tests easy for self-evaluation and improvement.

1. Student Self-Help Reading Habits Test (Grades 1-2)

2Parent Self-Evaluation Test

3. Parent Guide to Kindergarten Readiness

Self-Help Tests for grades 3 and higher are listed under Levels 3-12.


Where the Wild Things Are Sequencing Activity     FREE

Sequencing events in correct time order is an important skill to introduce early.

This template for drawing and sequencing 4 events from the famous book by Maurice Sendak contains

clear instructions for its use in large or small groups. The letter “w” is also reinforced.



                            Levels 3-6


Charlotte’s Web:  Unique Before and After Reading Strategies

This set includes:

1. Introduction to Outlining-Activate prior knowledge about farms while introducing this important study skill

2. Final Exam (33 items)–MORE than just a test, it teaches students how to choose the best answer in a multiple choice exam

3. Story Sequencing Cards— Sequence events from the novel in a new way–especially good for many students who struggle with conceptualizing events in correct time order. Also includes instructions for making a Story Quilt.

4. Crossword Puzzle–Using vocabulary and characters from the novel.

Each is available individually at a nominal price or as a Charlotte’s Web Bargain Bundle.

Comprehension Cups

This metacognition Learning Center Activity helps readers see the big picture in factual and inferential comprehension. It helps students conceptualize text into the information that it provides. All that is needed is a shoebox and 6 plastic cups labeled Who? What? When? Where? How?

Three sets (360 phrases) and complete directions included.


Main Idea Category Cards

This enjoyable category game is a helpful way to get kids thinking in broad terms about main idea and supporting details. It is also useful for verbal communication skills, allowing students to organize thoughts and speak in front of an audience in a short, non-threatening exercise.


Reading Tutor Bingo Games     

These Bingo games focus on identifying more difficult clusters and the actual reading of words. Eight classroom-tested Bingo cards use the traditional 25 space Bingo format for increased extra practice. They have been utilized effectively in larger groups by making several copies of the cards. Clear instructions are included. For a more complete description of the covered clusters,  find more information in the Details for the Product.

1. Reading Silent e Words

2. Reading Long Vowel Words

3. Reading Difficult Clusters Set A

4. Reading Difficult Clusters Set B

Reading Difficult Clusters Sets A & B is available in a Bargain Bundle.



Tall Tale Grammar Stories

Grammar practice does not have to be boring!

The American frontier was vast and harsh as it was developing in the 19th century. Tales of men and women who were bigger than life and who triumphed over adversities were a common form of entertainment as people sat by their firesides. Like the myths and folktales of previous civilizations, some had a basis in truth, and others were entirely made up by the story tellers. These tales are an effort to combine grammar practice with a bit of Americana and enjoyment.

Each 20-30 sentence story provides enjoyable practice in the most common grammatical errors in



          comparative adjectives & adverbs


          irregular plurals

          irregular verbs

          run-on sentences & sentence fragments


          subject–verb agreement

          changing “y” to “i”

They are easy to use and to grade, if desired, because each sentence includes only one grammatical error. Students enjoy trying to find it!

Every story includes an Answer Key PLUS an explanation for each correction. A short extra credit Writing Prompt is added, as well as a Corrected Version in Paragraph Form.


1. Johnny Appleseed   FREE!  FREE

2. The Real Revenant–Hugh Glass


Tall Tales Set A  

1. Annie Oakley–Sharpshooter

2. Big Mose–N.Y.Fireman

3. Hiawatha–Native American Hero

4. Joe Magarac–Steelworker

5. Stormalong–Sailor


Tall Tales Set B 

1. Casey Jones–Railroad Engineer

2. Febold Feboldson–Weatherman

3.  John Henry__Tunnel Digger

4. Paul Bunyan–Lumberjack

5. Sally Cato–Giant Schemer


Tall Tales Set C  

1.  Kit Carson–Mountain Man

2. Davy Crockett–Frontiersman

3.  Paleface Lightning–Spirit Warrior

4.  Pecos Bill–Human Coyote

5. Slue Foot Sue–Lively Cowgirl


Tall Tales Set D  

1. Annie Christmas–Keelboat Captain

2. Buffalo Bill–Wild West Scout

3. Maui–Sun Fighter

4. Sally Fink–Keelboat Savior

5.  Sedna–Mother of the Sea

All Four Tall Tales Grammar Sets are available as a Bargain Bundle.

Word Search Puzzles

Practice difficult sounds, clusters and silent letters with Word Search Puzzles.

The extra practice these puzzles provide helps to imprint the words for more automatic recognition.

All puzzles use lower case letters because most print is lower case. All answers can be found Across and Down only because diagonal and backwards defeats the purpose of this exercise.

Great for homework, seatwork, and/or learning centers.  The Answer Keys are included, and they are available individually or in a

Word Search: Bargain Bundle

Word Search: Sounds of C

Word Search: Sounds of G

Word Search: Sounds of Y

Word Search: Silent Consonants


Phonics practice does not have to be boring!

           Levels  – 12


Grammar Stories: Careers, Holiday Traditions, Sports

Grammar practice does not have to be boring!

These are a great way to improve not only grammar, but also writing skills!

Each 20-30 sentence story provides practice in the most common grammatical errors in



changing “y” to “i” 

comparative adjectives & adverbs


irregular plurals

irregular verbs


run-on sentences and sentence fragments

subject–verb agreement

Each story includes an Answer Key PLUS explanations for each correction. An extra credit Writing Prompt is added at the end of each story. Simple to use and to grade.


Grammar Stories: Careers

Many students today have no idea what career might suit their individual interests and skills. Instead of using unrelated sentences, they can review grammar, spelling, and writing skills while learning about numerous job possibilities.

1.  Careers in the Media

2.  Careers in Health Services

3.  Careers in the Military

4.  Careers in Government

5.  Careers in the Arts

6.  Careers in the Trades


Grammar Sports Stories

The Summer Olympics  

1. The History

2.The Athletic Sports

3. The Aquatic Sports

4. At the Gym

5. The Other Sports


The Winter Olympics  

1. The History

2. The Ice Sports

3. The Snow Sports

4. The Miracle on Ice


The Stars of Rio

1. The Summer Games in Rio

2. Usain Bolt

3. Michael Phelps

4. Other Stars in Rio



Holiday Traditions Grammar Stories

These stories contain historical and cultural information about some Christmas traditions.

An effort has been made to have the grammar practice as secular as possible.

1. Holiday Tree

2. Holiday Star

3. Colored Lights and Ornaments

4. Greeting Cards

5. Holiday Foods

6. Holiday Plants

7. Santa Claus

8. Carols


Halloween Candy Wrapper Stories   FREE

A great way to facilitate student writing!

Using candy wrappers, students, individually or in teams, insert candy wrappers into the text of the stories they write.

Clear instructions make this project easy to use.

Some possible titles might be:

Baby Ruth Lost in New York

Matt and Mindy (M & MSoar Through the Milky Way

Never Snicker at Nerds


Homophone Crossword Puzzles  

Research indicates that homophones are, by far, the number one cause of spelling errors.

This set of 7 crossword puzzles provides practice in 100 of the most common homophone sets in English.

Easy to use Answer Keys are included.

Great for seat work, homework, or Learning Centers.

Homophone Crossword Puzzle # 1 is a FREE product.FREE


Self-Help Tests: Reading Habits & Study Habits    FREE  

Test takers are asked to honestly evaluate themselves in comparison to a series of statements that exemplify the best qualities necessary for good reading and/or study habits.

Clear statements and a simple format make the tests easy for self-evaluation. Students are asked to make an improvement statement at the end.

Reading Habits Self-Help Test (Grades 3-12)

Study Habits Self-Help Test (Grades 3-12)

Reading Comprehension Self-Help Test (3Grades 3-8)

Understanding What I Read Self-Help Test (Grades 3-8)  

Providing explicit instruction in how to read for understanding, this test follows a different format–completion blanks. It can be used with almost any reading selection.

Writing Well Self-Help Test 

Designed for students who have difficulty organizing their thoughts into an effective essay, this two page test provides an effective format, making for much easier composition.

Retelling Profiles         FREE

These charts and instructions for use provide a helpful strategy for insight into the thinking process of students who seem to be fluent readers, but their comprehension skills are not up to expectations.

Vocabulary: The Prefix “in” (Parts 1 & 2)

These sets of worksheets provide extensive vocabulary and spelling improvement through practice with the prefix “in”  using various formats.

100 words are used in Definition Matching, Completions Exercises, Rather Questions, and Crossword Puzzles.

They are divided into manageable lessons and different formats to improve retention rate.

An extra credit Writing Prompt and complete Answer Keys are included.

This set is great for homework, seat work learning centers, vocabulary development for SAT and other tests.


Women’s History Bio-Texts  

This set of 8 one-page biographies provides practice in vowels, spelling, and comprehension. Recognizing sentence structure and meaning improves comprehension.

An Answer Key provides easy grading.

Set 1 includes 4 modern women:

1. Fabiola Gianotti–Physicist

2. Maya Lin–Architect

3. Georgia O’Keefe–Artist

4. Sally Ride–Astronaut

Set 2 includes 4 historical figures:

1. Susan B. Anthony–Early Suffragette

2. Elizabeth Blackwell–First American Doctor

3. Sacajawea–Wilderness Guide

4.  Harriet Tubman–Daring Abolitionist

ALL Levels
An Invisible ValentineFREE

Very Clever!   Simple!   Easy to Make!    Great Fun!

Yes, it really is INVISIBLE!

This Invisible Valentine can be used with ALL ages–as a science experiment, as an exercise in composition, even as simple practice with scissors.

Just white and colored paper, scissors, a stapler, and a pencil are the only requirements.

Clear directions for use with all ages are included.

Download now and find out how to do it. It’s FREE!

Enjoy the smiles!


ALL SPORTS Reading Comprehension ActivityFREE

Easy to Make and to Use!

Use the media Hype of a sports’ Big Game to motivate reading improvement!

This photo-caption matching game can be used for any sport at any level.

Simple directions tell you how! Includes paper medals to award.


Story Grid FREE

Great for writer’s block!

This famous story grid helps kids of all ages create a story with new ideas for setting, characters, and plot.

A blank grid, a partially-completed grid, a sample story, and instructions for use are included.