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The Importance of Nursery Rhymes

Today’s young families may underestimate the importance of nursery rhymes to babies and toddlers.

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Books of nursery rhymes are worthwhile presents because many first-time parents can’t remember an entire rhyme from their childhoods.

This is really the “gift that keeps on giving” because cuddling up and reading with a parent is so enjoyable in itself, and also, because reading research indicates that the best predictor of school success is being read to in early childhood.

In addition, humans love song, and brain research demonstrates that humans remember in patterns. Far beyond the “sounding out” method of reading words, rhyme dramatically increases the number of words that can be easily read by beginning readers.

Rhyming words is one of the first lessons taught in beginning reading. Children who have heard nursery rhymes understand rhyming words easily; those who never have heard them often seem dumbfounded.

When a word family approach to reading is used in kindergarten and first grade, children who are previously familiar with rhymes find learning to read easier and more enjoyable.

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It relies on word families (rhyme) for effective reading instruction.


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